Pom Pom

Dirty Mondays: Every Monday during Term Time

Pom Pom is closed until further notice.

Pom Pom’s bar and nightclub has two unique rooms which fuse an Eastern influence with bright neon signs, flamboyant urban art and all the eccentricities of an inner-city street party. On a Saturday night the bar at Pom Pom will be open from 8pm, to allow guests to relax and enjoy a 2-4-1 cocktails in the colourful surroundings, before the club vibe takes over after 11pm.

Monday nights: Dirty Mondays, are the stuff of legend. An institution amongst students since 2009, and the spiritual home of the Trent Army, each Monday night they host two rooms of unparelled party like nothing seen before in the city.

£1 entry guest list available from their Facebook Page or tickets are always online at Fatsoma.com

Student card & ID required for Monday nights.